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  1. Stephen Johnston says:

    Not a day passes that I do not take a moment and share my thoughts of you with God. Just to share with him some of the little moments that I’d hope to make him smile. There is no motive for this action, I only want him to see those things I remember so fondly. Perhaps it too helps for me to share these things that I might keep my own soul from decaying in this rancid world. I miss you so much my soul weeps. You have a new sister.. She is Jasmine Jade Johnston. She was born to Brittany out of wedlock. Brittany wanted to give her that name in honor of the Sister your Mom and I lost before you were born. I was certainly touched by this gesture. A loving thing for Brittany to do. Lisa and I have since Adopted her as Brittany wanted to give us this gift of a child that we could not have on our own. I cried “Big Sobbing Tears” when this happened, Not tears of hurt, but of love.. Jasmine is so sweet, I know you will love her. When you come home, I bet she will recognize you. Justin has Moved out, He’s living and working in Nashville. He’s got a real mean girlfriend, she keep him in line pretty much. He wants to go to some little community college there to start taking classes, in hopes(I hope) for preparation to going to a “Real” college. Brittany is getting ready to go to Ole Miss, and then take a commision in the Air Force. You always said she was an “Air-Head”. I guess in a way you were right. Matt Graduates this year and he’ll be “Drivin’ Miss Daisy”.. Lisa keeps on keepin on at the “Bat-Building”. I’m laid-off again. We have ‘Parade’s” great-grand-son here, Big nutted Tom, I think he’s been breedin with the Possums.. He’s a Feral Cat, but tame as a puppy.
    We feed him everyday when he comes around.
    I Love you, Please come home soon..

  2. Hi Jarrod,
    It’s me again. Just wanted to tell you that you were an “Honoree” at an AMECO meeting and Prayer vigil, in Tampa yesterday. Not to far from where you were born. My friend from the Army (Lief Olesen) was able to attend the prayer vigil, though I was not, I was praying with them at the same exact moment. I wept afterwards for the families of so many.. So very many that it makes me cry to consider this. I am thankful for the Advocates that contiue with their support for us and their continued efforts.
    I miss you son, I’ll be glad when you get home as we have so much to go over and plans to make.
    Peace be with you,

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s me again Son,

    Just wanted to stop in and leave a note for you. Really, I was hoping to find a note from you, just to say you were O.K.
    It’s been so difficult for me to consider all of the possibilities. So I don’t. I really, really miss you..
    Please come home..

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